Justin Foxton

I am a passionate and positive South African with a desire to inspire change in our country. Whether it is writing articles and blogs like these, working one-on-one, in deep rural communities, schools or boardrooms, my work aims to inspire all South Africans – and give them practical tools – to move from negativity to positivity; from violence to nonviolence; from passive to active; from armchair critics to co-architects of a better future.

I invite you to join me in creating the future we all dream of!

Be the Spirit of Christmas

If you happen to visit us anytime from June onwards, you will notice that our house is more of a Christmas workshop than a home.You see, my wife Cathy is Santa’s undisputed elf of the century! If Christmas was to be cancelled for whatever reason, my wife would...

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Losing Hope for South Africa?

In his best-selling book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Austrian psychiatrist and holocaust survivor Victor Frankl describes how the smoking of cigarettes came to denote a loss of hope in concentration camp prisoners.Given the lack of even the most basic necessities in...

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Welcome Home to the Turmoil and Hope

A letter to my sister who is about to return to South Africa having lived in Britain for the past 4 years:Dear M,I hope you are well and surviving that UK weather. I wish you could send some rain to the Western Cape. The drought down there is horrific.What do you make...

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Why I Can’t Smack My Child Anymore

I don’t remember how old Lolly was when I first sent her howling to the bathroom to await her smack. She must have been 3 I guess - the same age I was when I hurled a soccer ball at my sister’s head whilst she was having a swimming race against my brother. In my...

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God is Love; Gay or Straight

As it turned out, the day was perfect; no wind, no rain – certainly no thunder or lightning. A gentle breeze kept the waiting guests cool and an inky, overcast sky provided a magnificent backdrop for the green Stellenbosch vineyards in the foreground and the familiar...

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Disconnected as a White Citizen

On a recent family holiday to the Kruger Park, we were enjoying a swim in one of the day visitor’s public pools.The pool was full of people all having fun together and we were laughing and playing with the other families. Suddenly, I became aware of the pool attendant...

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Evil is Evil

Recently, constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos wrote a typically informed and important piece on the issues surrounding the controversy of the old South African flag being displayed in a Sea Point bar.The cogency of his argument was matched by the passion of his...

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If you know the greater Johannesburg area, you will be familiar with a sulphurous smell that permeates the air at certain times of the year and reminds one of being on a long road trip with a windy family member.Theories abound as to the cause of the smell; when we...

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How Do We Decolonize Adoption?

A few months ago, I wrote a column on the orphan crisis that is gripping South Africa in general and KwaZulu Natal in particular.This column resulted in something of a breakthrough. Readers of this blog and many in the online community heeded our call to action and...

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Unpacking Privilege and Identity

“A black child born today is more likely to be born into poverty than a white child…..Twenty-three years into democracy this is simply not good enough.” Rob Davies – Trade and Industry Minister.As I ready myself to speak, I am acutely aware of the irony of the...

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Broken Hearted for South Africa

It is difficult to imagine the psychological and physical suffering that precedes death by Stress-induced Cardiomyopathy also known as Broken Heart Syndrome.How much pressure; what levels of anxiety can the human heart endure before it deteriorates to breaking point?...

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