Justin Foxton

I am a passionate and positive South African with a desire to inspire change in our country. Whether it is writing articles and blogs like these, working one-on-one, in deep rural communities, schools or boardrooms, my work aims to inspire all South Africans – and give them practical tools – to move from negativity to positivity; from violence to nonviolence; from passive to active; from armchair critics to co-architects of a better future.

I invite you to join me in creating the future we all dream of!

Evil is Evil

Recently, constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos wrote a typically informed and important piece on the issues surrounding the controversy of the old South African flag being displayed in a Sea Point bar.The cogency of his argument was matched by the passion of his...

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If you know the greater Johannesburg area, you will be familiar with a sulphurous smell that permeates the air at certain times of the year and reminds one of being on a long road trip with a windy family member.Theories abound as to the cause of the smell; when we...

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How Do We Decolonize Adoption?

A few months ago, I wrote a column on the orphan crisis that is gripping South Africa in general and KwaZulu Natal in particular.This column resulted in something of a breakthrough. Readers of this blog and many in the online community heeded our call to action and...

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Unpacking Privilege and Identity

“A black child born today is more likely to be born into poverty than a white child…..Twenty-three years into democracy this is simply not good enough.” Rob Davies – Trade and Industry Minister.As I ready myself to speak, I am acutely aware of the irony of the...

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Broken Hearted for South Africa

It is difficult to imagine the psychological and physical suffering that precedes death by Stress-induced Cardiomyopathy also known as Broken Heart Syndrome.How much pressure; what levels of anxiety can the human heart endure before it deteriorates to breaking point?...

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Making Mandela Day Count

I must admit to being a bit of Mandela Day Grinch. I know this admission is akin to treason in our country and the fact that it is being made by a passionate advocate of citizen participation makes it even worse.  Not only that but I also run an NGO that would benefit...

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Bakkie-Taxis: Inequality at its Worst

As South Africans, we are used to the sight of people being transported on the back of bakkies. Sometimes, these bakkies have a canopy and people are wedged in like tinned sardines. Other times there is no canopy and people sit, stand or lie depending on space...

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It’s Time – Adding Action to Faith

There has been a great deal written about Angus Buchan’s recent mega prayer faith gathering near Bloemfontein entitled “It’s Time” and I don’t intend to add to the commentary on the event itself. However, it came about in a week in which an extraordinary video from a...

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Storming the Stage – the New South African Drama

Writers and commentators have been referencing South Africa’s politics in theatrical terms. Words like “Shakespearean”, “tragi-comedy” and “drama” have been used to describe recent events.Depending on which side of the political divide you occupy, central characters -...

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Zuma: The Violent Destroyer

As I write this I am watching a TV screen that is flashing up the plummeting value of our post-junk-status Rand.I pick up my phone and the anti-Zuma rants pour in on social media. An e-mail comes from a pastor friend inviting us to “pray up, speak up, stand up, march...

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