These blogs contain simple steps that we can take towards healing ourselves, our relationships with one another and our nation. We must stop pointing fingers; stop expecting others to act; stop moaning and become a part of the solution.
For it is only when we see the world – our country – for what it is rather than for what others say it is that we find workable solutions.  
The pain of decades – centuries – of inequality, shame, disrespect and guilt that has built in all of us, explodes in fits of rage and violence on an all too regular basis. We may hope for a quick fix to crime and other social ills that bedevil our land but at the end of the day peace thrives in environments where citizens live with a spirit of respect for persons and property.

Welcome To The Flipside

So, I’m not saying things are good. They aren’t. They are appalling.  But ironically, the fact that we know they are so appalling should give us a sense of hope; a sense that we are better off now than we were yesterday.

Welcome Home to the Turmoil and Hope

Ever since I met and worked with Justin I knew that I was dealing with a person of integrity and action based on possibilities, even in the face of a plethora of reasons why some things could not be done. His belief in the intrinsic goodness of citizens has spawned many stories of how and given each of us the opportunity to reflect on how we see South Africa and, more than this, to understand that our perspective often becomes our reality if we do not try to consciously change it. Justin has the courage to challenge hopeless and blame-oriented thinking. These blogs are meant to challenge each one of us with a deeply personal question, namely: “How do I contribute to the story that is being told? And more importantly, do I have the will and the courage to change the story?”. This is a powerful question of ownership and accountability for whatever we choose to create in the world. This collection of blogs is a starting point of different kinds of conversations with each other as we tentatively try to find each other across colour, race or religion. DR RAMA NAIDU

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